About The Founders

At Above the Clouds Siberian Service Dogs and Yakutian Laika’s, we are dedicated to training and rehabilitating Siberian Husky’s and Yakutian Laika’s. We are a Veteran- owned and operated service dog program in the beautiful mountains of Woodland Park Colorado. We provide calm, easily trained puppies, with exceptional genetics and training. We are a small company and spend an enormous amount of time and care into matching each client with the right dog. We strive to provide the healthiest, most balanced dogs.
We Embark all our breeding age adults, which guarantees that the dogs that are produced have exceptional genetics and are free from 172 genetic defects. We could not do this work, without our veterinarian Dr. Kip Madsen, and the staff of Animal Medical Center of Woodland Park. We spare no expense to keep our dogs healthy and happy. Our dogs, and the puppies we raise, are free to roam our property, and sleep indoors as members of our family. Our pack regularly receives raw elk and venison added into their diet because this ensures the healthiest, beefiest Huskies around. Our puppies are shaped for service from birth, and receive early cognitive, and neurological stimulation to be evaluated at 6 weeks of age using the Volhard method. Those that pass the evaluation for service, are then matched with clients based on their individual needs. We believe that our dogs are an excellent choice for service, as our line dates back hundreds of years, and were working dogs throughout history. These dogs are uniquely suited for service with their extreme intelligence, strength, agility, and loyalty. They are highly emotional, and bond completely to their handlers. We have a passion for these dogs, and hope to shatter their bad reputations, and see more Siberians finding jobs in service.

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