Meet Our Working Teams

The Successfulness of Working Teams

From the inception of Above the Clouds Siberian Service Dogs and Yakutian Laika’s we have helped numerous people by matching service dogs with clients. Below are some stories clients shared.

Blindness Awareness Month – October 2021

Blindness Awareness Month, ATC is featuring one of our teamed Service Dogs (SD), Mystique’s guide tasks!

Mystique knows several guide tasks, some of which are basic directional cues such as right, left, forward, and back. She also knows how to lead her handler to an exit, an entrance, locate the car in a parking lot, find specific people her handler is with at the time by name, follow certain people (an employee helping me locate an item in the store for example) and guide her handler around various obstacles or alongside curbs, sidewalks, store isles, or the walls of buildings. She has learned to automatically guide her handler around other people, dogs, and various obstacles we encounter daily.

Fun fact: Mystique will even guide her handler around sewer grates in the ground, despite them being safe to walk on.😆 Mystique is vital to keeping her handler safe, mobile, and independent. her handler has taught Mystique all of these tasks (and more to come!) since getting her last summer. Her handler is currently saving up for a guide and mobility harness to help give her better support, as well as give me better tactile feedback from the proper handles needed for both types of work. Mystique is her handlers most trusted guide.

“I have full faith in her; as my vision continues to deteriorate she truly is becoming my eyes.” (Cheyanne)

💕🐾 Above The Clouds Siberian Service Dogs and Yakutian Laika’s

Meet Cheyanne and Mystique

I had a great time at the Clinton Fall Festival with my family this weekend! I got to indulge in some fair food (I’m a sucker for funnel cakes), watch some amazing performers showcase their talents, and support local vendors, artists, and crafters! 🪡 Mystique did amazing and tasked as needed throughout the entire day. It has been years since I’ve been able to attend a festival, and thanks to her, I was able to attend safely while being able to enjoy myself! When we were in crowds she was able to guide me through them safely, without any incidents where I would have tripped or bumped into someone if I didn’t have her. She was my eyes and my most trusted guide. Misty performed DPT as needed, especially when things got a bit overwhelming for me. This was the biggest and most crowded event we have attended since COVID-19, but she rocked it! She did a great job blocking while I shopped and was stopped at various booths. Having her by my side to help with my disabilities has truly made me more independent and not only allowed me to grow as a person, but to have fun and find myself in the process! We hope to come back next year with some friends to make even more memories! 💕🐾

Meet Stazia and Banshee

Banshee assists me in everyday life as an autistic adult, she helps me go into to stores without having a episode, she performs DPT when I’m anxious or about to have a episode. She stops me from scratching or hitting by pawing my hands away from my face. She preforms exit when I don’t feel safe in the environment. She is always aware of my surroundings and makes sure I’m doing okay. Banshee and I have came a long way from where we started. We have started working on distractions , walking with a hands free leash practicing staying by my side. Off leash training in stores and going more places that are challenging for the both of us. Our bond is not only strong she knows exactly what to do to fit my needs. Banshee is very tame and the perfect match for me, as autistic people don’t do well with very demanding animals.

Meet Eve and Cyclopes

Online Training

James and Nero

Nero and I were one of the first online class participants, ATC was instrumental in providing the tools we needed for success. We attended both the Basic Training and the Pre-CGC classes to work toward our goal of Nero providing Stability / Mobility service work. We continue to learn new tasks together and become a stronger team each day. The ATC online training provided me with training knowledge that I could continue to use throughout our partnership and helped me understand how to develop Nero’s skills.

Thank you Above the Clouds Siberian Service Dogs!!!


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